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 "See the forest through the trees."  

         On-Ice & Off-Ice OHL, NCAA & NHL Standardized Testing will be done three times a year.  Once in the beginning, once mid-Season and lastly at the end of the season. We record your speed, acceleration, agility, off-ice strength, coordination and overall body composition.  WE also do video review twice weekly.  This analytical review will happen once as a team going over the game as a whole and the systems that need to be improved.  The second time will be a one-on-one between the coaching staff and our players, focusing on specific game elements to improve on.      

         In order for players to know where they are in each aspect of their skills, to evaluate how their development is progressing, and to see how far away they are from where they need to be, on-ice and off-ice testing must be done.  At the beginning of the season,  mid way, and at the end of the season, the Wexford Raiders will be everything a player does on the ice from straight speed, acceleration, agility, reflexes, cognitive response, pass accuracy (both sides), tipping, shot power for each shot, accuracy, and release time. 

         All scores will be posted on the team's "SCOUT RESOURCE" tab on the team website, under the subheading "Player Test Results".   

In addition to our rigorous on/off-ice program, we also conduct weekly video review sessions, both as a team, and individually.  The saying, “Sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees.” holds very true for hockey.  Through video review, players will see how their efforts affect the overall context of a game, and see how their efforts influence the flow of the game. 
          There are even times in the course of a game where it might seem as though the player can only see a "sea of opposition colours" bearing in.  However from the stands, one can see an open man, or open ice just beyond.  Weekly video review helps improve and educate players about their play from this perspective.  Because our home games are televised, we can hold weekly video review sessions, shot with HD professional TV cameras. 
          It is also an effective way for coaching staff to illustrate and teach attacking, defensive, transition, and special team systems.  It also provides our players with the benefit of knowing what to expect from our opposition, and teammates before the game has even begun, instead of learning it as the game progresses.  Weekly video review also provides accountability.  Players will be sure where there linemates are at all times.  Any missed assignments are sure to be seen, and corrected at video session.
          Also, university and pro scouts see players through this ‘bird’s-eye-view’ from the stands.  Therefore it is essential that players see themselves through the scout’s perspective.  This provides them with a distinct advantage over other players, which in turn, gives our players the best chance to be recruited to a higher level.