The Scarborough Wexford Raiders Junior hockey program has been designed around the development and exposure of young hockey players between the ages of 15-20 here in Canada.  The players we develop have the aspirations of playing at the upper level whether it be NCAA, Major Junior, or professional.  The Wexford Raiders offer a program unlike any junior program in Ontario.  The amount of ice-time our program offers, as well as our excellent coaching and proven upper management, the Wexford Raiders are the perfect fit for any developing hockey player looking for exposure.


     Playing junior hockey in Canada is a privilege, an opportunity not just to improve at the game of hockey, but also to receive one of the finest educations possible. In terms of hockey, our program far exceeds any training program with regards to development and dedication to the game.  The coaching staff is focused, and intends to create a program where players can feel they have benefited from playing with our hockey team. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits our program has to offer:

  • 12 On-Ice Hours a Week - Team Development Practices - Individual Skill/Development Practices.


  • 50 Game Competitive Schedule - Transportation by luxury coach bus - Post-game food provided - Team tape, laces etc.


  • 2 CPJHL Showcase Tournaments - Scouts from NCAA, Major Junior, USHL, and NAHL will be in attendance - Minimum 2 games to be able to showcase to scouts - Hotel, food and transportation for entire tournament.


  • Off-Ice Training - Team trainer in the gym every day.  Specialized program tailor made to each specific player's goals.  Staff working 1-on-1 with each player charting and writing down their improvement.  

  • Weekly Video Analysis - Weekly team video review sessions going over game play and systems, and weekly individual 1-on-1 video review session going over each player's individual game with coaching staff.  This is the best way to educate and improve development 

  • Team Testing - 3 times/season players will be tested through Dan Garneau (NHL Central Scouting/NAHL scout).  It precisely records everything ~ from skating speed, acceleration, agility, cognitive processing, shot, shot release, and more.

  • Raiders Official On and Off Ice Gear - Game and practice jersey's, socks, pant shells, exact Notre Dame hockey helmets and gloves, Raiders' track suit, T-shirts, shorts, hats, Raiders' hockey bag, etc.

  • Full Time Coaching Staff.

  • Teacher/Tutor - Provided to continue the education and instruction of our young men attending high school or studying college courses.

In addition to all of these offerings, the coaching staff has put together a system that will show the development of these young players.  Every month these young men receive a report card designed to show the individual skill improvement of the player. An example of the report card will have skills such as shot speed, explosive time trial skating drills and lengthy full-ice skill drills. This is a good indicator for the player to see in writing how he has improved.

The Wexford Raiders are excited to begin this season and look forward to speaking with players and parents about their interest in this exclusive program. Please contact Brian Fish for more details at +1 (587) 703-2815.

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          The Scarborough Wexford Raiders' Program is made up of 7 pillars - Education, On-Ice Program, Off-Ice Program, Video/Stat Analysis, On/Off-ice testing, Promotion, and community service.








 On-Ice Program








Off-Ice Program     
























Video/Stat Analysis



Written first, because it’s the most important.  We have a dedicated teacher to the team that works 1-on-1 with Raider players.   All assignments must be handed in to the teacher first before being submitted online.  That way, players get an extra step in the learning process; the chance for them to learn from their  mistakes BEFORE their paper is submitted, and a better paper that  will recieve higher grades than if  the student did  his best and submitted  it, like usual.   There are  61 NCAA D1 programs, including the ivy league.  Simply put, better grades open all positions to you.  The lower one’s grades, the less schools available to be scouted by.

We have the most ice time of any Junior team.  2 hours on the ice every day, 5 days/week, and 1 hour morning skate on game days. This means, the Wexford Raiders practice every day, 7 days/week.  Occasionally off days are given in heavy weeks, or when time doesn’t allow due to a far road game (which is rare).  When one adds up the on-ice in the course of a season, it is like 3 or even 4 years of ice compared to the average Junior team.  This, and a knowledgeable coaching staff with NCAA D1, Major Junior, and pro experience (Head Coach - Jason MacMillan,  Peterborough Petes OHL, CIS (Canadian D1 Hockey), pro. Defense Coach - Brian Fish, NCAA D1 hockey), one can see that the Wexford Raiders hockey program is the most comprehensive development program in Junior hockey.

All Wexford Raider players receive a full access gym membership to the full fitness facility located directly next door to the Scarborough Arena Gardens.  Coaching staff will prepare an off-ice regiment for each player, specifically tailored to that player’s playing style,  and current levels, charting and writing down the player’s improvements each session.  Players will work-out in groups with similar players.  For example, players looking to beef up, will have a power-and-bulk regiment,  players that are more fitness, agility, and speed, will be working together doing plyometrics, reflex, and agility training together, goalies will do their regiment together.  We will be in the gym every day, except game days.

In order for players to know where they are in each aspect of their skills, how their development is going, on-ice and off-ice testing must be done.   At the beginning of the season, mid way, and at season's end, we use on-ice laser testing that measures everything a player does from straight speed, acceleration, agility, reflexes, cognitive response, pass accuracy (both sides), tipping, shot power for each shot, accuracy, and release time.   This is conducted by Dan Garneau (NHL/OHL Central Scouting, NAHL scout).  Dan tests NCAA D1, NAHL, USHL, and European predraft combines.  All scores are uploaded to the player’s free player profile.

       Wexford Raider home games are broadcast in the Toronto area on Channel 15, Star TV. Because broadcasts are professionally produced with professional graphics, replays, commentators, pre/post game shows, and intermission player interviews, parents can see their son play from far away, and players can learn through weekly video review.  There is an  expression, “Sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees.”  This holds especially true in hockey.   This is why the Wexford Raiders have weekly team video review sessions.  This allows players to see from the camera’s view the team systems,  why as a whole they work, and their place as an individual within these systems to yield better results in games.  In addition to this, the Wexford Raiders hold weekly 1-on-1 individual player  review sessions.   This is more individual  focused on  player tendancies, and a teaching tool.  Players can see how their decisions on the ice affect the overall game from the ‘bird’s eye’ (where scouts are!).

This leads to another expression  -  “If a tree falls in the forest.  Does it make a sound?” Everyone wishes the motto - “If you’re good enough, they’ll find you.” holds true. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.  No one’s perfect, including scouts.  This is why player promotion is an important feature to the Wexford Raider’s program.  We have a VERY close personal relationship with teams in the NAHL.   We also have a button on the team website called   “SCOUT RESOURCES”.  There, we have each player’s full player profile.  His grades last year, this year, ACT/SAT test scores, all game broadcasts, game highlights,  each player’s individual highlights, stats, personal information, and CSS testing results.  Each player will have a profile there that showcases everything a scout wants to see about a prospective player.  Not only that, but we send this information to scouts at the level the player is looking to go next year, on a monthly basis.  We call those scouts, we keep a relationship with those scouts, and have scouts speak to our players on a monthly basis about where the player is on their radar,  and where they need to get to.

To pad one’s University resume, to give to the community, and be good role models and people, we will do so much.  Players will be out in the community helping, and signing autographs at least twice per week.  We want to be the good ole’ boys.  We want to earn the support and respect of the community.   And this is essential to achieve this.  Each home game will have a theme, and promotion, for a different charity in the community.